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Family Transfer

Transferring your business to family members can often times be more stressful than selling to an independent third party.

In addition, the largest value a typical investment broker provides is locating buyers and driving the value of your business up through a competitive sale process, which is not typically needed in this situation.  As a result there are very few specialists that can ‘quarterback’ this type of transaction.

This is where BiggsKofford Capital can help.  Due to our backgrounds and close integration with our CPA firm, we have helped numerous clients navigate business transfers to family over many years. We are able to structure our fees on an hourly basis or fixed fee basis versus success fees and can walk the parties (and their legal advisors) through the various components of a transfer to ensure all aspects are considered, including:

  • Tax structuring to minimize the overall tax impact of the transaction
  • Valuation to ensure each sides expectations are reasonable and family members who do participate in the transaction are also considered
  • Financing sources and structures that are suitable for both sides of the transaction
  • Negotiation between all the parties to enable the individuals to maintain personal relationships and temper emotions.

Contact us today at 719-579-9090 or info@biggskoffordcapital.com to find out how we can help with your business transfer.

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Our Location

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BiggsKofford Capital provides personal and business advice. We are very comfortable including the BKC Team in all major business decisions.
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