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Have you ever wanted to grow your business and/or minimize your financial risk but are not ready to sell or retire?  If so, a recapitalization may be a great option for you.

A recapitalization is where one effectively sells shares (or issues new shares) to a new owner, but continues to retain some level of ownership in their company.  The new owner may end up as a majority or minority owner, depending on their level of investment, but they are typically a financial partner in the business. In most cases, the original owner will continue to run operations on a day-to-day basis.

The benefits of a successful recapitalization can include:

  • Reducing financial risk in the business by taking some chips of the table today
  • Providing growth capital by partnering with a well-funded financial buyer
  • Accelerating growth faster than would be possible independently
  • Access to industry, management and board level resources and support
  • Accelerated growth of remaining equity ownership

Recapitalizations are not for everyone. Typical situations of a good recapitalization candidate include:

  • EBITDA in excess of $1.5 million-2 million annually
  • Excellent growth prospects
  • Attractive industry focus
  • Strong owner/management team that want to be involved in the future of the business

To learn more about recapitalizations call 719-579-9090 or email info@biggskoffordcapital.com.


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